The inventors Society of Australia is taking a stand at the IDE Expo in Hong Kong which will take place from the 29th of November till the second of November 2006.  Inventors are invited to book their own stand or  show their invention on our stand on a very low cost share basis.  If you are interested please contact the Secretary Stuart Fox in Sydney on telephone number 02 8300 1862


Police in New South Wales Australia are considering purchasing stun guns for every response  vehicle in the State.

These weapons are able to fire a pair of barbs at a person who is causing a problem for police and deliver a high-voltage shock via wires to disable the person up to approximately four metres away.  The guns weigh 240 g each and cost $1800.

Intel has just shown a new Pentium processor prototype capable of one teraflops, which is one trillion floatingpoint operations per second.

10 years ago a computer of that  power required 10,000 Pentium processors in 85 cabinets and took up storage space of 2000 ft.² + had a value of $50 million to build.